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There is nothing more popular for women consumers today than the anti-aging cosmetic. For many, this is like a magic wand making the bad wrinkles disappear and bringing back the beautiful and youthful complexion that women love to see. The market has cashed heavily onto this demand and today the cosmetics are accounting for a giant multi-billion industry. This does not cover the billions that go into research for the ultimate weapon against aging.

Legend or Real?

From time immemorial man searched for the elixir of youth with deep passion, Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and honey to keep her skin youthful and beautiful. Women of ancient India and Egypt used different pigments to color their lips and eye lids just the way lipsticks and eye-shadows are used today. And then there are millions of legends that say the fountain of eternal youth exists. The search for the right anti-aging cosmetic started very early on earth; unfortunately humans still have no clue on how to achieve it.

Defining The Anti-Aging Cosmetic.

If you want to define it, it is that which can effectively reverse aging. Based on this definition there are many things that can fit the anti-aging cosmetic bill. However, none of the present-day products really have a permanent effect. The efficiency varies from a few months to a few years, but all need to be repeatedly applied for continuous results. These cosmetics are more or less symptomatic treatments and not a permanent cure.

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Methods

The products usually focus on a combination of aspects that affect the aging process of facial skin in particular. This can be collagen depletion, moisture depletion, nutrients depletion, etc. The cosmetics also act by deflecting the bad influence of the environment on the skin, such as sun blocks which prevent the harmful rays of the sun, and damage the skin.

Correct Usage is Important

There are many ways to use an anti-aging cosmetic but the most common one is by applying it directly to the skin. Some are applied one time a day; while some are applied two to three times daily, and even others should be applied only once a week or so. Anti-aging cosmetics are popular because they are available, easy to use, and they do produce some good results with regular use.

Popular Anti-Aging Cosmetics








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