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Facts About Anti-Aging Cosmetic Product

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There a lot of myths that surrounds the market of an anti-aging cosmetic product. Many are there because they want to be believed and many because of the aggressive advertisement campaigns which claim that these can erase age right off. The belief that these products are what they claim they are, is so strong that the market has reached the mark of eight billion dollars plus and it is steadily growing. The most common of the products are sun blocks, moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams.

Sun Blocks Revealed

This is an anti-aging cosmetic product which has been acutely misused or rather underused and still is, despite the changed direction of awareness and publicity. Most women (though men also started using sun blocks) use it only when they go to the beach or for a swim at the pool. However, today with the global warming becoming acuter every day, sun block should be used every day to prevent the skin damage caused by UV rays. You will need a minimum SPF 15 (for 96% blocking of sun rays); however an SPF 45 will keep you totally covered.

Moisturizer Madness

Moisture loss does not happen only when you go out in the sun. It also happens while you spend time in the air conditioned environment such as an office, in classrooms, and even bedrooms. Hence, a moisturizer should be used with or without makeup anywhere you go. It also should be used for at least four weeks before making a decision on whether it makes any difference or not. Do not switch from one type to another too often or the skin will get irritated instead of moisturized.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Anxiety

Anti-wrinkle cream is the most popular and in demand anti-aging cosmetic product today. Why? Because it promises magical results and to be truthful some even deliver. The best contain anti-oxidants which reverse the skin damage caused by sun, making the skin visibly brighter and clearer. The creams which contain Retinol, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the most effective. However, once you start applying such creams you need to keep a regular program over 4-6 weeks in order to really see the changes. Many get disappointed because they do not have the patience to wait for so long.

The best thing about the anti-aging cosmetic product market available today is that it uses today’s advancement in technology and science along with the rediscovery of the uses and importance of plants and plant extracts. This is what makes anti-wrinkle creams such a great combination and so appealing to an ever demanding public who, at the same time, want to feel like they are getting back to nature.

Facts About Anti-Aging Cosmetic Product



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