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If there were a poll to find out what exactly bothered women the most in the world today, without any doubt it would be concern for aging. There is usually nothing that bothers women more than old age, wrinkles, and the unattractiveness that comes with it. Basically, women love to be beautiful and they work very hard to keep that image as their age advances.

What Affects Aging?

There are many factors that play the role of a villain in our lives when it comes to aging. People today lead a much more stressful life than our ancestors did just a few generations ago. Hence, the anti-aging therapy of today and yesterday differ greatly. However, there are a few factors that promote aging and identifying them is the first step to preventing the damage.

Smoking - The Skin Killer

Ever since smoking has gained popularity with people it has brought only woes. It kills the smoker, it kills the ones who breathe the smoke released by the smoker, and it also kills your looks. Looking at its more dangerous effects, its importance in anti-aging therapy pales; nonetheless it is an extremely important factor in premature wrinkling of the skin. The skin of a smoker after ten year takes a yellowish, parchment-like look.

Food And Aging Skin

Medical research proved beyond any doubt that meat eaters are likely to get wrinkles faster than those who have their diet complemented with green vegetables. Vegetarians and those who have less spice in their daily food tend to have clearer skin and less wrinkles. Diet which is rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals usually come from vegetables, so a good helping of vegetables in a daily diet is as good of an anti-aging therapy as any.

Water And Aging Skin

Skin moisture is one of the most important factors of skin health. The depletion of water in the skin promotes aging since the skin cells die faster and regeneration is slower. The elasticity of skin also becomes very low. This is why the skin of a dehydrated person looks like a deflated balloon. The lack of water in skin is one of the main factors working against anti-aging therapy.


Alcohol And Aging Skin

Alcohol consumption aggravates dehydration. Hence, those who consume alcoholic drinks often see depletion in the hydration of their skin, which not only hinders dry skin, but health as well. Because the skin on a face is the thinnest and most sensitive, faces tend to wrinkle up much faster than the skin anywhere else on the body.

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