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The Time Weapon Called Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

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Among all of the alternatives available today in the market, nothing can beat the popularity of the anti-aging wrinkle cream. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that it is extremely convenient to buy as well as use. Its availability is complemented by the fact that it is highly efficient, which makes it a good investment for many people.

Where Are The Wrinkles Coming From?

The modern world provides us with a lot of comforts; it also provides us with pollution, stress, and unbalanced food habits. Add all of these factors to the fact that many of us do not bother with routine face and body care due to lack of time or inclination, and we have the right combination for dull and wrinkled skin in no time.

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream Works

Wrinkled skin is due to the depletion of moisture, collagen and blood circulation. The anti-aging wrinkle cream directly works on all of the three aspects. Most of the creams use Alpha Hydroxy Acid, or as we popularly know it, AHA which is a skin exfoliating agent. With the help of this ingredient the old and dead skin cells are removed allowing new skin cells to regenerate. Then there is also Vitamin C which works as an anti-oxidant; and then there is moisturizer. All of these factors in combination, prevent and treat anti-aging very effectively.

But There's More

Most of the anti-aging wrinkle creams stimulate collagen production to help in reducing wrinkles and make the skin younger looking. Collagen depletion is one of the main reasons the skin looses its elasticity and sags, giving the dreaded aged look to a person’s face. The retinoids that go into the making of creams help greatly in reversing this depletion, and thereby reducing wrinkles.


Dead Sea which was for many scientists a source of continuous research, has thrown up some active minerals which have been found extremely effective in wrinkle reduction. These minerals when combined with ceramides and milk protein make a very highly effective anti-wrinkle product.

Consistancy Helps

There are many types of anti-aging wrinkle creams which help in fighting against wrinkles, and many give very good results. However, the key is not the cream itself as much as the habit of applying it regularly and consistently. There are many who buy it and use it for a few days and then leave it only to let it sit until they decide to use it again days, or even months later. The results from such sporadic use are not good, as to really help your skin, you should be regular and extremely careful with the routine skin care you give yourself.

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